Christian Vera is a journalist, tv host, and producer. She is currently the host of the nationally syndicated TV show RightThisMinute, a news and viral video show that brings viewers the latest most compelling online videos and the stories behind them. Christian is one of the original hosts of the show, which is now in its seventh season and airs across the United States on ABC.

Before joining RightThisMinute, Christian was a red carpet correspondent in Los Angeles for KABC’s OTRC (On The Red Carpet) and a sports correspondent for Deportes CNN in Spanish.

Christian made her television debut on the Emmy Award-winning television show LatinEyes TV in San Francisco while still a university student at SJSU. She later went on to co-produce and host a news interstitial on SiTV (now NuVo TV) called OnTheUp in Los Angeles. She was later seen breaking entertainment news on E! News Now as well as reporting live from the Grammy Awards for KTLA. 

In 2011, Christian was the host/investigator of the award-nominated reality show FROM BEYOND on Mun2. The resident skeptic, Christian used her skills as a journalist to help decipher what was real or was not during various paranormal investigations.

Christian has an unyielding adventurous spirit and is a certified scuba diver. She loves to ride her motorcycles and is now on the board of Blacklist Moto, a motorcycle collective she is a founding member of. Just for fun, she also received a minor in geology as part of her undergrad studies. 

"For to come to a satisfactory conclusion is to come to the end of all things. In that case the little girl would have nothing left do to but shut her curtains and go to sleep" - Rabindranath Tagore